Through our partnership with the Tinder Foundation we are able to offer the following training. These courses are on demand and can be started at any point without an appointment, though we do run weekly outreach sessions at set locations. Please check the course calendar for more information on this.

Below is a list of our free IT courses. Please see our course brochure for accredited IT courses.

Name: Starting Online Cost: Free
Description: Starting Online is a course which is designed for people with absolutely no previous computer experience. It has minimal computer jargon and primarily focuses on how you physically use the device, giving the basics needed to be able to confidently use a computer.
Name: Online Basics Cost: Free
Description: Online Basics is the next step up from Starting Online, building on the knowledge gained from it. Whereas Starting Online focused primarily on how to actually use the machine Online Basics covers more in the way of how to use what’s on the computer, such as emails and the internet.
Name: Online Plus Cost: Free
Description: Online Plus is the next step on from Online Basics and takes a more advanced approach to using the skills you learnt in Online Basics. During this you will cover various details from online banking to using sites like Facebook.

We also offer technical training. This programme was originally funded by North Yorkshire County Council through their Innovation fund. It is made sustainable by refurbishing and repairing machines for a nominal cost. The course is run every Monday. Please see the training brochure & the A1 Computer Works (MAKE A HYPERLINK TO THEIR WEBSITE) website for more information.