A1 Community Works Limited is a community organisation based in Colburn, North Yorkshire. We work to actively help and support people throughout the area, giving them the ability to take an active role in controlling their own futures.

With a 60% success rate in helping people find jobs within 6 months of engagement we have a proven track record of giving people the best support we possibly can. This support covers a wide variety of methods, including accredited courses like Numeracy and Literacy along with unaccredited courses such as Interview Skills and Confidence Building. Many of these are free depending on your employment position whilst others have a nominal charge.

We also work extensively with the local Nepalese community to help teach individuals conversational English, allowing them to better thrive in this community.

One of A1's primary roles as a UK Online Centre in this area is to improve digital inclusion, especially for the disabled and elderly who may have never used a computer. With our Digital Champions we are well equipped at helping anyone who is willing to learn about computers and helping them to gain the knowledge to become confident in their independent use.

As part of our digital mission we also offer inexpensive computers and computer repairs for the community. These computers will be looked at by our technical experts with proceeds going to supporting our groups for disabled individuals to continue learning about digital devices.
Tea, coffee, and biscuits are also available to people who drop in so feel free to come and see what we can do for you today!

Refer to our Testimonials, Digital, and Course Information for more information.